To envision the challenge that electrostatic painting prevents, imagine the waste avoided in painting a chain link fence.  Instead of creating a mess and wasting the majority of paint in overspray, the electrostatic paint wraps around the fence and covers the entire surface.

who we are


Boston Electrostatic can repaint your worn metal surfaces to give the appearance of a new factory finish.  Picture the tired looking areas of your workplace being restored to a shiny, new exterior.  A few examples of what this service is ideal for includes: metals, lockers, railings, file cabinets, elevators, machinery and wrought-iron fencing.

our approach

Electrostatic painting uses charged particles to paint metal. The paint, an atomized liquid, is projected and attracted towards a grounded metal item by an electrostatic charge.  

"Boston Electrostatic provided excellent quality.  Their knowledge of the product and process was second to none.  The workmen were not only flexible about the hours they could perform the work, but did a wonderful job masking/protecting the surrounding finishes."

          -James A. Cole / President / J. Cole & Associates LLC

"We recently renovated the common areas of a suburban office building. Boston Electrostatic refinished a large metal curtain wall in the main lobby. The results exceeded expectations and the lobby has a more modern, updated look and feel to compliment our renovations and help drive our leasing efforts. BEC meticulously prepped the surfaces and sprayed the metal with a nice finish. We look forward to working with them again on future projects."
          -Mark Bush / Senior Vice President / The Davis Companies